My Battle

My depression is slowly over coming me, i have good days it does not mean i am better or fixed.

Wyatt helps a lot but he’s thousand miles away.  Over thinking is the only thinking i do. i constantly feel disappointed in myself for no reason.

How i know its bad again, over sleeping or no sleep at all. Over eating or not eating at all. Popping meds like candy and crying over the smallest things.

I have no interest in things.

I am watching things slowly pass by me and i don’t care.

I know i will be okay but i still feel terrible.
I know i will get better but i can’t seem to get there.

The universe is throwing the worse situations at me left and right, i can’t catch a break.

Have you ever cried because you are just, you?

If you can read my thoughts i’m sure my struggles would make you cry.
I have people who love me and i don’t want to burden them with my inner and unimportant struggles.

Covering my mouth while i cry so i don’t make a sound, and feeling that pit in my stomach or in my heart is the worse kind of feeling.

I miss you.


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