Day 3 of 272.

Day 3 is just starting and i don’t know why but i’ve been sleeping a lot. Maybe it’s because Wyatts gone or maybe because i’m kinda sad. It is 12 noon here and about 11 at night where he is. I was pretty shocked about the time difference, but i’m glad i can talk to him when he has a minute to spare.

Today might be a little bit easier, i have a little bit more drive then yesterday. I feel more motivated to study and get out of the house and get things done. But lets wait and see how the rest of today goes, Ive said this already but its true when people say ” the walls get loud”. It’s true because yesterday i sat at home most of thew day and after a few hours i broke down and cried. I’m glad i have Wyatt’s family here for me. I love you Wyatt and i miss you so much.IMG_20160402_152332


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