Day 2 of 272

First full day at home while my solider serves his country.  It’s too quiet, but kind of peaceful. I was up late the night before just playing on my phone and it gets creepy here at night alone.  That first hour of leaving him was the hardest, i couldn’t leave i couldn’t drive. I sat in my car and cried my eyes out it was unbearable for me it was like a pit in my stomach and mostly, in my heart. Most people tell me ‘ You should have known what you signed up for. ‘ No i didn’t know what i was signing up for because i was to focused on loving my sweet Wyatt.

It’s hard for me to stick to schedule, i know i need to study but i’m having a hard time staying focused.  I think ill cut it short today, I love you Wyatt James and i’m so proud of you. IMG_4102


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