My dearest Wyatt, I love you. It’s been one hell of a ride, and its been worth it. You have helped me with everything, killing spiders to helping me learn and telling me to stop being such a princess. I love the way the day starts, and when it ends. 

Kisses and cuddles, some words of encouragement before work and a list of chores.  You really are so caring, and loving and most importantly silly. You really know how to put a smile on my face even when I’m mad at you. 

Darling, you are the greatest. I adore you when you smile at me when I’m being cute or funny, you know myself. I’d say we went 0-100 real quick knowing our situation. 
The best is yet to come❤
After tricking me into believing he forgot our anniversary I got sad. He made me take a shower then go to the bed room and grab something I walk into this. 

All my favorite foods, drinks and the flowers I really wanted.

I love you. – yours always❤💋  to the moon and back.


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