My best friend.

From getting drunk and playing at the park till 7 am, to driving to the beach every day and staying out till late 1 am on a work day. Baby girl, you will always be my best friend. I love you baby girl. kcdes.jpgKaycee Smith, while we were 2-3 we ran away to the park till about 1 in the morning. Honestly we don’t remember, its pretty funny. Today is my best friends birthday, she just turned 21 and i cannot wait to take downtown.  Sure we fight like cats and dogs sometimes which is normal. From camping in my backyard to picnics in my yard.


Dear kc, Do you remember when we were young and we were just a bunch of girls doing things we shouldn’t. Breaking rules, and making the best memories ever.

What i love most if when we talk about our goals, seriously i feel like our goals are huge! The fancy shit and the nice cars. bestfriendblog11988474_952472104809254_7697503049877278863_n.jpg


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