4 ways to win your heart.

Five ways to win your heart, what wins your heart? What makes you fall in love and what just makes your heart catch fire. Comment and tell me what wins your heart. ❤️

For me, number one is a passion for things, anything. I love animals and I have a really big heart so I care about a lot of things.  Im a nurse aid at a hospital and I help people and nurses. I feel like I might be in the wrong field, don’t get me wrong I love helping people and being in the medical field. I think I want to switch to animal medicine, to help animals because animals are nicer than humans sometimes.

Number 2: You must have ambition and motivation a drive. I am a very driven person, I see something I want and I go for it. A goal or a carrer something at makes you feel like you are doing something you love instead of feeling like your doing a job.

Number 3: A sense of humor, any man who can laugh at himself instead of feeling bad is a yes in my book.  A sense of humor is entertaining, and tells a lot about someone. I laugh alot, I laugh at myself and my own jokes so It makes other people laugh.

Number 4: Some one who likes to have fun and go on adventures. I love having fun and being crazy and try new things. I have so many things on my bucket list, like  sky diving and visiting all the haunted places in America. Im only 22 so I have some much to do.




My dearest Wyatt, I love you. It’s been one hell of a ride, and its been worth it. You have helped me with everything, killing spiders to helping me learn and telling me to stop being such a princess. I love the way the day starts, and when it ends. 

Kisses and cuddles, some words of encouragement before work and a list of chores.  You really are so caring, and loving and most importantly silly. You really know how to put a smile on my face even when I’m mad at you. 

Darling, you are the greatest. I adore you when you smile at me when I’m being cute or funny, you know myself. I’d say we went 0-100 real quick knowing our situation. 
The best is yet to come❤
After tricking me into believing he forgot our anniversary I got sad. He made me take a shower then go to the bed room and grab something I walk into this. 

All my favorite foods, drinks and the flowers I really wanted.

I love you. – yours always❤💋  to the moon and back.

Day 1 challenge: A picture of me and a description of my day.

today is September 14, 2016 , As always my day starts off with love and kisses from my mister before he starts his challenging day with the army. Like i said before most days i’m usually happy and full of joy.

In April i moved into a place with Wyatt, and when he would come home for lunch or at the end of the day  i would light up seeing him come home. I would love to come back to that, even after everything that has happened with us. With blogging about things that don’t involve him my mind always seems to throw him in my writing.

Starting this blog has made me just as productive, i really feel like i have found something i like to do and spend my time on.


My best friend.

From getting drunk and playing at the park till 7 am, to driving to the beach every day and staying out till late 1 am on a work day. Baby girl, you will always be my best friend. I love you baby girl. kcdes.jpgKaycee Smith, while we were 2-3 we ran away to the park till about 1 in the morning. Honestly we don’t remember, its pretty funny. Today is my best friends birthday, she just turned 21 and i cannot wait to take downtown.  Sure we fight like cats and dogs sometimes which is normal. From camping in my backyard to picnics in my yard.


Dear kc, Do you remember when we were young and we were just a bunch of girls doing things we shouldn’t. Breaking rules, and making the best memories ever.

What i love most if when we talk about our goals, seriously i feel like our goals are huge! The fancy shit and the nice cars. bestfriendblog11988474_952472104809254_7697503049877278863_n.jpg

My life in a nutshell.


My life is simple yet I am struggling. My mind is always racing, I’m missing out on what’s in front of me. Most days I’m happy and full of joy, other days I’m so angry at the world. There is always something the universe throws at me.50-50 good and the bad. I’m only 21 and I have had many ups and downs. I feel the struggle lately, it’s hit me like a brick wall. I feel as if my dreams keep getting harder and further to catch. I am a certified nurses aid, I help people for a living. I help the hurt and wounded, I help make some ones day a little better. I love the feeling of knowing I helped some one. I am trying so hard to keep at my goals of becoming a nurse. Stay tuned for more to come. -xoxo